Why Sponsor Australian Theatre Live?

  • Be part of a solution that encourages theatre for the many, not the few.
  • Ensure Australia’s playwriting heritage is championed on the world stage.
  • Reassure your customers that your brand supports the distribution of first nations’ theatre and storytelling.
  • Let your customer know, you are a supporter of Australian arts; and that your brand can be trusted and respected.

A Trusted Platform and Government-Backed Brand.

Australian Theatre Live is a proven brand that has already made great progress in preserving this country’s theatrical heritage. To ensure the good work continues well into the next generation of performers and creatives, the Australian government has placed a seven-figure sum in support of these endeavours. Join a credible and industry-backed team of professionals that are making a difference, every single day. Boost your reputation as a responsible and inclusive brand that supports the arts.

Tell your customer ‘a story’ about how you are supporting Australian theatre and cultural heritage.

Benefit from creating a strong marketing campaign that reassures your customer that you are a supporter of the arts and a supporter and our cultural heritage. The modern customer is more inquisitive than ever, and will simply not accept faceless corporations that seek profits alone; they want to know your organization cares about the bigger picture. This is your opportunity to retain your market share by getting on board with an institution that is dedicated to such a mission.

Your branding expertly set inside our digital empire.

Australian Theatre Live uses advances in digital technology to film live performance theatre, both fringe and mainstream, to distribute to audiences across the country and around the world. Our films are carefully produced by skilled filmmakers to the highest quality, and we aim to complement rather than substitute for the live experience. Your branding, your mission, will be professionally set alongside our comprehensive productions and incorporated into our vast networks of films and digital enterprise.