Australian Theatre Live is a Not-For-Profit and a registered charity with DGR status.

Your support allows us to continue doing important work, making theatre more accessible for audiences now and in the future.

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Our aim is to make our communities and our cities a creative place to live and work. We engage with cinemas, arts centres, community halls, schools and universities, anywhere where there’s an opportunity to share new ideas and experiences, build relationships, and promote Australian stories performances and artistic achievement.

Why Donate to Australian Theatre Live?

  • Be part of an organisation that promotes theatre for the many, not just the few
  • Create a rich resource for students and researchers of the theatrical arts and record and preserve our playwriting, performing and stage production history.
  • Assist us to encourage and promote theatre companies, playwrights, performers and creative artists to further develop the Australian live-performance industry.
  • Help us to inspire, encourage and promote artistic achievement at every level of our society and enable all Australians to enjoy, criticise and participate in the development and direction of our nation’s artistic heritage.
  • Make more Australian theatre accessible and affordable, regardless of location or language.

Why Sponsor Australian Theatre Live Activities?

Australian Theatre Live is a trusted and proven government-backed brand with an established reputation for delivering high quality live-performance events to world standards.

Australian Theatre Live uses advances in digital technology to film live performance theatre, both fringe and mainstream, to distribute to audiences across the country and around the world.

Multi-camera coverage of great Australian plays and performances are produced in crystal clear sound and picture quality.

Join a credible and industry-backed team of professionals that are making a difference, every single day. Boost your reputation as a responsible and inclusive brand that supports the arts.

Tell your ‘story’ about supporting the arts reaching all Australians everywhere.

Benefit from creating a strong marketing campaign that reassures your clients and customers that you are a supporter of the arts and an advocate of the preservation of our live-performance cultural heritage for future generations.

Your clients and customers are more inquisitive than ever. They simply will not accept faceless corporations that seek profits alone.

This is your opportunity to re-enforce your market share by getting on board with an institution that is dedicated to a greater civic responsibility.

Let your clients and customers know your organisation cares about the bigger picture.

Trusts, Foundations & Sponsors

Australian Theatre Live is a not-for-profit organisation with a big vision. The more support we get, the greater our social impact.

If you believe our mission aligns with a specific trust, foundation, sponsor or philanthropist, we would be delighted to set up a meeting to discuss it further.

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Want to show a play at your local arts centre or fundraising event? No problem! We can help you organise an event licence for our plays and even help out with tech resources.

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