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Australian Theatre Live is a Not-For-Profit and a registered charity with DGR status. Your support allows us to continue doing important work, making theatre more accessible for audiences now and in the future.


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Trusts, Foundations & Sponsors

Australian Theatre Live is a not-for-profit organisation with a big vision. The more support we get, the greater our social impact. If you believe our mission aligns with a specific trust, foundation, sponsor or philanthropist, we would be delighted to set up a meeting to discuss it further.

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Want to show a play at your local arts centre or fundraising event? No problem! We can help you organise an event licence for our plays and even help out with tech resources.

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  • Contribute to one of the most exciting and innovative ventures in this country’s live performance industry.
  • Support artists and arts workers in our theatre and film industries.
  • Be part of a solution that encourages theatre for the many, not the few.
  • Ensure Australia’s playwriting heritage is championed on the world stage,
  • and that it is archived in state-of-the-art quality for years to come.
  • Make theatre more accessible for Australian audiences regardless of distance, availability or affordability.
  • Support the distribution of first nations’ theatre and storytelling.
  • Align with a trusted platform and government-backed brand.

Join a credible and industry-backed team of professionals that are making a difference, every single day.

See what a difference taking a play to regional Australia made to the local residents: