by Griffin Theatre Company

Available on demand TBC 2024

Written by Eloise Snape

Hazel is no angel. In fact, she’s a delusional, reality TV-obsessed fantasist who swears like a sailor and has a fondness for greased-up male strippers. She’s also hugely, undeniably, ready-to-pop pregnant.

Up the duff and coasting through ultrasounds, baby showers and appointments with her midwife, Hazel is very good at ignoring the stark reality that’s about to rock her world from the inside out—literally.

What happens when you’re not ready to swap grinding to Ginuwine for nursery rhymes? When you’re questioning whether you’re even cut out for motherhood, but that horse bolted eight months ago? Pony is the sassy, oh-so-crass one-woman crusade that’s desperately searching for the light at the end of the (vaginal) tunnel.

Approximate Duration: 95minutes.

Content Warnings: descriptions of medical procedures conducted on people with vaginas during pregnancy and childbirth, detailed descriptions of childbirth and sexual intercourse, sexual references and references to sexism and genitalia. The production also includes loud sounds and flashing lights, including spinning reflective light from mirror balls and mirror panels.