It’s been a while – 65 million years, actually – since Sydney echoed to the calls and footsteps of dinosaurs. Now, thanks to Erth, Sydney’s world-famous dino-recreationists, it’s like they never left.   

There’s nothing like a good bit of lawn for a dinosaur to stretch its legs and do all the things a dinosaur’s gotta do. Made to spark feelings of wonder, Erth’s Prehistoric Picnic sends Parramatta Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens back to the wilderness of a distant era.

A delight for the whole family, all you have to do is pack a picnic, practice your dino-voice and prepare to get very close to your favourite ancient creatures – including, for the first time, the newest members of Erth’s prehistoric menagerie, the towering, three-metre-tall Thunderbirds!


Scott Wright, Noah Marshall, Rose Maher, Albert David, Keila Terencio and Miles Portek

Creative Team

Artistic Director Scott Wright
Associate Director Tom Caley
Head of Design Steve Howarth
Additional Design Bryony Anderson and Aron Dosiak
Puppet Makers Katrina Lynch, Gabrielle Paananen, Celia Curtis, Bella Bowman, Kimberly Tillyer-Strudwick, Daniel MacKenzie, Cassilda Parkinson and Max Nippard
Music Phil Downing
Producer (Erth) Caitlin Gibson
Producer (SydFest) Steph Kamasz
Production Manager Rick Everett
Project Managers Nathalie Taylor and Jesse Hilford
Stage Manager Elizabeth Hunt
Assistant Stage Manager Jessica Law

Supported by

Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative