One of Australia’s favourite performers, Jonathan Biggins, is Paul Keating – visionary, reformer and rabble-rouser – in the smash hit comedy, The Gospel According to Paul.

Full of intelligence and wit, The Gospel According to Paul is a funny, insightful and poignant portrait of Paul Keating, the man that — as he tells it — single-handedly shaped contemporary Australia.

Co-creator and star of Sydney Theatre Company’s long-running The Wharf Revue, Jonathan Biggins paints a sympathetic but uncompromising picture of one of Australia’s most compelling and enigmatic leaders.

Showcasing Keating’s eviscerating wit, rich rhetoric and ego the size of Everest, Jonathan distills down the essence of Keating — visionary, reformer, rabble-rouser, and the Bankstown boy who quickly realised that to get things done in political life it’s better to be needed than loved.

Beyond the canny impersonation, Biggins asks the questions; what can we learn from this singular politician? And is today’s lack of leadership a product of our times, or vice versa?

Content Warnings: coarse language.

“Biggins almost out-Keaters Keating…If only we had someone this clever running the country.”


“Biggins has the gestures, the jowls and the swagger of Keating so aptly the audience knows they’re in for the real deal”


“Biggins’s finest work”



Jonathan Biggins

Creative Team

Playwright Jonathan Biggins
Director Aarne Neeme
Producer Soft Tread
Designer Mark Thompson
Lighting Design Verity Hampson
Sound & Video Design David Bergman