After more than two decades of hilarious irreverence and a little COVID-related hiccup, this comedy powerhouse is back for an encore season.

The bad news is that the planet is on fire and our world leaders are barely qualified to run a chook raffle. And the good? The Wharf Revue has fake news, fake hair and real laughs in abundance. No one is safe and no topic too taboo in this night of sketches, songs and side-splitting satire. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll want to move to New Zealand!

“A night of frivolity and fast costume changes, where all that is puffed up in politics is satisfyingly pricked.”


“Its best material is so hysterical that twice I was brought to tears – an activity usually reserved for funerals, Puccini and hitting my thumb with a hammer.”


“This year’s Revue rested squarely on musical parodies of impeccable production and stunning cleverness… The satisfactory balance between voices, the great balance of stage lighting and background graphics, the cast’s beautiful echoes of its characters’ real-life mannerisms, and the fact that every word came across with perfect clarity made this production, ingenious in its planning, flawless in its execution.”



Mandy Bishop, Drew Forsythe, Phillip Scott and Jonathan Biggins

Creative Team

Writers Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott
Co-Directors Jonathan Biggins and Drew Forsythe
Producer Sydney Theatre Company
Set Design Charles Davis
Lighting Design Matt Cox
Sound Design Nate Edmondson
Video Design Todd Decker
Video Systems & Content Designer Susie Henderson