A debt collector, a drag queen, a rogue chemist and a manic depressive walk into a pub…

THIS MUCH IS TRUE continues the story of Lewis from Summer of the Aliens and Cosi. Now he’s older, a writer and lives in an inner city suburb filled with public housing, the underclass and characters who could only exist in such a place.

He attends the 150 year old hotel, The Rising Sun, where he mixes with a core of customers, including an ice chemist, a once famous drag queen, a violent debt collector, a con man, a manic depressive and a fixer.

These stories are true.

A world premiere production.

Content Warnings: coarse language, sexual references, violence, mental illness, references to suicide, drug use.

“Nowra’s characters are all beautifully observed and the zippy dialogue feels utterly authentic, laced with wonder turns-of-phrase and plenty of humour. Director Toby Schmitz and assistant director Andrew Henry get the most from an exceptionally fine cast, all of whom totally inhabit the characters they play. ★★★★”


“It’s a theatrical and historic treat to see This Much Is True in the very place of its imagining, but this local gem will surely travel far.”


“This Much Is True weaves considerable magic from tall tales, little tragedies, and the sentimental glow Nowra casts over his characters. Take two glasses of your poison down to the theatre instead of one. Settle in and surrender.”


“…this is an achievement everyone involved can be proud of and audiences should be banging the door down for tickets. A bit of history is being made and a gorgeous entertainment is to be had by all. Recommended without reservation.”


“[The] cast are all excellent, painting characters that you could describe as larger-than-life, but for the fact that they are so truthful. ★★★★”


“Whether you’ve ever had a drink at the Old Fitz, or any traditional Australian pub, or are simply intrigued by the stories of people whose voices are rarely heard without derision, This Much Is True will definitely entertain and amuse. Do not miss this fabulous production and its stellar cast in the location that inspired it.”


“Eight brilliant performers are assembled to create an underground world for our delectation. The ensemble is imaginative, adventurous and bold, and they each take the opportunity to showcase extraordinary skill and talent, at a standard that makes us fall in love with the theatre all over again.”



Danny Adcock, Septimus Caton, Justin Stewart Cotta, Joanna Downing, Alan Dukes, Robin Goldsworthy, Martin Jacobs and Ashley Lyons

Creative Team

Playwright Louis Nowra
Director Toby Schmitz
Assistant Director Andrew Henry
Set Design Anna Gardiner
Lighting Design Matt Cox
Sound Design Jed Silver
Costume Design Martelle Hunt
Stage Management Bronte Axam
Photographer John Marmaras