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What our viewers had to say

Thank you for this great initiative and kudos to all involved in the terrific production. There’s nothing like seeing live theatre, but this must be the next best thing.

Debbie, via Facebook

Theatre allows me the opportunity to just escape even for a few hours and experience someone else's story. It brings out emotions you never knew you had.

Ron, via Facebook

Thanks for this. Gives me a good cultural outlet for someone self isolating solo.

Faye, via Facebook

Thanks for a wonderful service to the community. Wharf Revue a fabulous experience.

Jules, via Facebook

Brilliant … Thank you for making things bright.

Marcelo, via Facebook


Cristine, via Facebook

Outstanding! Thank you

Rose, via Facebook

Great show! Fabulous concept

Ann, via Facebook

It was fantastic- great to have a laugh in these difficult times. I look forward to seeing Emerald City this week.

Evelyn, via Facebook

A great night in, thank you

Diane, via Facebook

Was thoroughly entertained thank you

Rachel, via Facebook

So cool, even in bed and in jarmies, I still felt like I was at the theatre. Interval and all

Sonya, via Facebook

Wonderful! Thank you. I felt I was in the audience.

Jan, via Facebook

Lovely to see this iconic play again, please can we see more

Diane, via Facebook

Terrific production of Emerald City. I watched Friday night’s performance and it was excellent... loved Lucy Bell and Mitchell Butel! Thank you so much for screening these productions

Sue, via Facebook