‘Your family have a really woggy vibe – you know, your dad working in the repair shop, your mum at the cafe… which I totally love… and mine are more… Italian.’

It’s la dolce vita for Joe right now. He’s got a successful business, handsome boyfriend and wealthy AF future in-laws. He’s clawed his way out of the working class and he’s got freshly steamed linen trousers to prove it.

But his plans for full-blown assimilation take a nasty turn when Joe’s estranged cousin drops by and exposes an enormous family secret. Suddenly, Joe’s on a mission out to South-Western Sydney, to the Italian-Australian heartland and the place where his family’s story began.

Content Warnings: coarse language, sexual references, references to sexual assault and pedophilia, drug use, violence and use of guns.

“… never a dull moment” ★★★★


“… more than a little bonkers” ★★★★


“This production retained an inherent authenticity” ★★★★★


“Brash, Ballsy and Brilliant!” ★★★★


“… as fresh and delectable as a fresh biscotti, as zany and energetic as an Italian espresso with the depraved humour brought on by a shot of Grappa” ★★★★



Danny Ball, Philip D’ambrosio, Jonathan Lagudi, Deborah Galanos, Amy Hack, Emma O’Sullivan, Brandon Scane, Tony Poli

Creative Team

Writer Danny Ball
Director Riley Spadaro
Producers Danny Ball, Philip D’ambrosio, Thomas De Angelis
Production Designer Grace Deacon
Lighting Designer Phoebe Pilcher
Sound Designer/Composer Luke D’Ambrosio
Movement Director/Choreographer Amy Hack
Dramaturg Thomas De Angelis
Stage Manager Elizabeth Guy
Assistant Stage Manager Cameron Hill-Harrison